our company

Frision Inc. was born after 30 years of expertise from the creators of one of the most successful tequilas in Mexico

We are dedicated to the development and creation of tequila-based products that will deliver the unexpected to the market and the consumers

our strategy


To become a Worldwide High-Quality Tequila based products company by making a big impact in the Spirits Industry, developing products with the highest quality and innovation that not only meet the market standards but that will provide a lot of value to the market and the consumers.


Our team is the engine that drives our success, we believe that everyone plays an important role in the company’s growth. We strive for the highest quality products to deliver the best of us to the consumer and the market.


Innovation is our motto. Therefore, we stand for high quality products full of value in innovation that will create and give to consumers the best of celebrations. We believe that passion is key for bringing people together and we want to be part of this. 

our home

Austin / Texas