30 years being experts in Tequila

Integrity and expertise are the pillars of our success

Core Business

Development & distribution of Tequila based brands

Business Location

Austin, Texas, USA

Future Prospects

Development of creative and high quality tequila based products

About us

We create unique drinks for unique people

Frision Inc. is a company born after 30 years of expertise from the creators of one of the most successful tequilas in Mexico.

our latest release

Hemp infused herbal liqueur made with premium Tequila


After years of research and development, we developed an outstanding drink that consists in the blend of over 27 herbs mixed with premium tequila. The result: Lucky Stash.


The bottle is not only catchy to the eye but it’s full of value. A proudly Austinite product, with a skull cap that represents equality among us all.


Lucky Stash it’s not just another tequila. Lucky Stash is here to change how consumers drink tequila today.


With over 30 years of experience in the tequila industry in Mexico and the US, Lucky Stash meets all the expectations.

Innovation is our core driver, and our team, our engine to success. Together we believe we can make a big impact in the spirits industry